A comprehensive grasp of design principles applicable to both print and digital platforms. A portion of my professional journey involved serving as a prepress technician and web developer. My perspective on design is informed by aesthetic appreciation and a keen understanding of the technical constraints inherent in the development and production processes. Creativity and technical feasibility intersect, making me well-equipped to deliver effective and visually appealing solutions resulting in cost-cutting for businesses.


Lake Erie Studios, situated in the charming Port Dover, provides professional recording services for musicians and local events. The logo exudes a vintage vibe and represents the sun and water, perfectly capturing the essence of the studio’s location.

Various iterations of the design were explored, but the beach town setting was identified as the primary theme. The fluidity of water mirrors the movement of music, and the bird’s dynamism ties into the overall sound theme.

The logo’s objective was to be approachable and welcoming, given that many clients are from the community. It also evokes a vintage feel unique to the music industry, reminiscent of analog music, records, amplifiers, and individuality.


This digital infographic, displayed on a laptop screen, showcases Aleph’s web-based product, emphasizing its ability to centralize financial data while maintaining compatibility with preferred tools. The image effectively illustrates the consolidation of data from various sources into pre-built models. Tailored for both slide show presentations and digital media, this infographic aims to provide potential clients with a clear understanding of the product’s functionality.


Beech Nursery Group in Toronto sought a standout banner for showcasing at a local job fair. The goal was to create a visually appealing piece with compelling copywriting to attract potential candidates, all while maintaining consistency with the established brand aesthetics.

As the lead designer and copywriter, I collaborated closely with Beech Nursery Group to understand their brand essence and the key messages they wanted to convey.

I managed the printing and shipping processes, ensuring the banner’s high-quality reproduction and timely delivery. The banner was produced to meet the specified dimensions and in accordance with Beech Nursery Group’s brand guidelines, maintaining a cohesive and professional appearance.