Ads and Publications

Companies understand the significance of leveraging both online and print advertisements and publications for marketing purposes. Please find examples of my work below.

I have a deep understanding of design for both print and digital applications. Part of my career was spent as a prepress technician and web developer. I have an appreciation for design but am also knowledgeable of the technical constraints, making me an effective designer capable of optimizing time and energy resources for businesses.

Magazine Cover Concepts

I served as a freelance graphic designer on a contractual basis on this project. CCi (Corporate Compliance Insights), is a well-established global news source. They sought cover concepts for their online magazine, with the possibility of transitioning to print. My task was to blend their brand with The New Yorker style for this issue. I found this project exciting as I appreciate The New Yorker’s distinctive aesthetic.

Designed for Online and Print

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Indesign, Photoshop

CCi magazine spread concepts

Duration: The concepts explored for the entire article took approximately 3.5 hours to create. This was one variation for the entire article out of 2.