What’s your preferred streaming platform? The landscape of TV watching has transformed with the advent of streaming. I recall the early days of Netflix.

Did you realize that there are more than 200 streaming services globally? Surprisingly, only 7% of Americans have 6 or more streaming subscriptions, while the vast majority (85% of households) now have at least one subscription.

Our team proposed a compelling solution to Roku to encourage viewers to subscribe to a new streaming app.

This is a cross-discipline project that I participated in during my UX training at Brainstation®.

My Team

My team consisted of 2 UX designers and 4 software engineers. We engaged in collaborative efforts over 24 hours. Due to the time constraints, we needed to efficiently organize our plan to present a feasible solution to Roku. We dedicated ourselves to the task, maintaining frequent communication to ensure that we all remained aligned with our goal.

UX Designers
Software Engineers

We designed a website application.

It was a 24-hr hackathon

My UX team used Figma

The Challenge

We were given a 24-hour timeframe to create a digital solution to entice viewers to subscribe to a streaming service. Our presentation included showcasing the developed solution to both Roku and a panel of judges.


Sourcing as much Quantitative Data as we could find

Given the time constraints of this 24-hour hackathon, we forewent qualitative research and instead turned to the internet to gather statistics and explore the latest trends in TV viewership in the U.S., specifically in relation to subscribing to streaming services.

Why do Americans subscribe to multiple paid video streaming services?

47 % said:

to expand the content that I have available.

37 % said:

to watch programs I used to watch on TV and can’t find anywhere else.

37 % said:

to watch a particular program that I heard about.

We analyzed data from online forums

Photo of stick it notes posted on a board.
Confused woman


We discovered many pain points that users had about streaming services.

One main recurring theme was that the content libraries of streamers undergo frequent changes. Users find it difficult to determine which streaming platform currently offers the most shows they are interested in watching.

I can’t tell you how many times Google is wrong about where a movie is currently streaming.

How the team brought it all together

Promptly delivering designs to the software engineering team was crucial as they needed to initiate the development phase.

We brainstormed the problem and brought everything to the table after some research. A goal was established. Clear communication was key. The parts of the project that would take the longest were delivered to the SE team first. Any components that could be changed easily were second priority.

Since we needed a stellar presentation to reveal to the judges, Thomas and I started on that and we also refined our research and developed the persona. Audrey started to build the prototype utilizing existing Figma files she had on hand which really helped us to jumpstart the design so that we could hand off something to the developers fast. Throughout our individual tasks, regular check-ins with Audrey ensured alignment with our research, persona, and overall project objectives.

The team's objective

How might we create a platform for Gen Z and Millennial viewers to be able to make informed choices about what streaming services to subscribe to based on what they want to watch?


Our Proto-Persona

We focused our attention on Generation Z as our target user group, noting their active participation in forums where they freely expressed their opinions.

Their TV-watching habits differed significantly from older generations, with a preference for watching movie clips and revisiting favourite scenes. Alex, a member of our software engineering team, seamlessly integrated this valuable insight from the UX team to incorporate a feature tailored to resonate with our Generation Z user group.

International student from Brazil

My watchlist is a reflection of who I am, and I want to find the streaming platform that best resonates with that.

Lucas, Age 21, Gen-Z Streamer

I’m looking for a solution that feels personalized to my needs and tastes so I can feel like the curator of my own media narrative.


Enjoys keeping up with his favourite TV shows and movies.

He and his friends  enjoy discussing common shows that they watch.


Wants a streaming service that consolidates most or all of his favourite shows in one place.

Wants to be reassured that he will like a streaming service before subscribing.


Feels like his preferred content is scattered across multiple streaming platforms.

Is not familiar with the full array of available streaming services.


A comprehensive web application

Our users will get real-time availability and recommendations for the best streaming platform for them based on the titles and genres that they want to watch.

Task Flow Diagram

The user selects content they like to create a recommendation list.

Task Flow
Student holding a cell phone with a map on the screeen.

Hi-Fidelity Prototype

Here are the screens from our prototype.

Key Learnings

  • Given the tight time constraints, leveraging everyone’s skills is essential to deliver results in an agile setting.

  • Working under pressure is invigorating, pushing you to creatively approach research discovery. While assumptions may guide you to some extent, it’s crucial to incorporate some proper UX research methods.

  • Collaborating in a team facilitates idea generation, but it’s vital to remain mindful of time constraints, commit to a goal, and maintain confidence in pursuing it.

Connecting International Students

Discovered a problem space, utilized UX research methods to explore and design a working prototype empathizing with the user.

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