Cross-Media Design

A comprehensive grasp of design principles applicable to both print and digital platforms. A portion of my professional journey involved serving as a prepress technician and web developer. My perspective on design is informed by aesthetic appreciation and a keen understanding of the technical constraints inherent in the development and production processes.

Connecting International Students

Discovered a problem space, utilized UX research methods to explore and design a working prototype empathizing with the user.

Exploring and Ideating for TV Viewers!

Collaborated in cross-disciplinary groups to produce a unique solution for Roku Inc., the leading platform for streaming television in the U.S.

Image of desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Make Mobile Viewports a Priority in Design

According to recent stats, web traffic on mobile phones has surpassed desktop. I designed a website ensuring usability was optimized for both mobile and desktop viewing.

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Improving Usability for Users

The beloved Craigslist, a classified advertisements website was evaluated using Jakob Nielsen’s 10 usability heuristics. See how interfaces can be improved.

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Searching Is Complicated

Planned the search function for a mobile app based on the user’s intent and needs. I employed a high level of user control and freedom principles in the design phase.

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UX Accessibility

For me this is an important aspect of UX design. Not everyone uses technology the same. Designing for a wide range of users in mind is at the heart of accessibility to ensure everyone has access to digital products.

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